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102548-03 ignitor has been changed to HA1000


Many different fan blades are always in stock




M16545 end cover

HA3004 Rotor ( air pump)




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reddy heater parts and master heater parts


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For other brands that are manufactured by DESA INTERNATIONAL™ of kerosene heater parts refer to your owner's manual or call our heater tech department.


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Parts for:

  • Reddy Heater Parts

  • Master Heater Parts

  • Dayton Heater Parts

  • Knipco Heater Parts

  • Remington Heater Parts

  • Co-op Heater Parts

  • Queen Bee Heater Parts

  • John Deere Heater (some) Parts

  • Others manufactured by Desa International

  • MiTm Heater Parts

  • Work Horse Heater Parts

  • Dyna-Glo Heater Parts

  • Dyna-Pro Heater Parts

  • Mr Heater Parts

  • Propane heater parts, too. reddy heater parts and master heater parts


Robin Rents Equipment was been a Reddy Heater service dealer and sales agent for Desa International servicing Reddy Heater, distributing Reddy heater parts, servicing Master Heater, distributing Master heater parts for over 35 years. Robin Rents equipment sells:
  • Heater parts for Reddy Heater kerosene forced air heaters.
  • Heater parts for Reddy Heater propane heaters.
  • Heater parts for Reddy Heater kerosene forced air heaters
  • Heater parts for Master Heater kerosene forced air heaters.
  • Heater parts for Master Heater propane heate


Got Gauge?

A pressure gauge will save time when troubleshooting

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Tune your heater....... to Factory Specs

Get the pressure Right!


A low pressure gauge will allow you to adjust the pressure precisely. End the guesswork.

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 adapter included


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  • Mr Heater parts

  • Reddy Heater parts

  • Master Heater parts

  • Dyna-Glo Heater parts

  • Dyna-Pro Heater parts

  • Work Horse Heater parts

  • Koehring Heater parts

  • Mi-T-M heaters


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